April 13, 2010

Baby Sampler

Another sampler...this time is Baby Sampler by Lizzie Kate. I stitch this last year for my SIL who is waiting for her new born.

The finished framed sampler for my niece. Nur Zulaikha Irdina, born on 19/07/2009, and its also the same date with my other niece, Damia.

Chocolate Shoppe

I love chocolates, I love strawberry and i'm so much in love stitching this sampler. My latest sampler, Ye Olde Chocolate Shoppe - Makers of fine chocolate.

A Stitch In Time

A Stitch In Time, this sampler specially dedicated to my aunty on her birthday.

Teacher's Day Sampler

Last year, for teachers day celebration, I stitch this sampler. Its for my girls school teacher. Well, I only managed to stitch one sampler (for principal maybe) for their kindie as I have few orders to finished up. So, I decided to make other gift for the rest of the teachers.

The sampler
The Framed Stitch
The gifts

Finished Framed Stitch

The results....

Wedding Sampler for a friend of mine
Star Light Star Bright sampler for my daughter

Wedding Sampler

I stitch this wedding sampler for a gift for my colleague on their wedding day. The design is from Anchor and this is the first time i used Anchor floss. Its a bit frustrating as the finished stitch looks like so dull. Might be an error somewhere. I'm not very familiar with Anchor design, the way they describe the colours might confuse you. For me, its better to use symbols to describe the colours rather than use the colours itself.
Anyway, congratulations to my friends, Chua & Erica.

Star Light, Star Bright

I stitch this, Star Light Star Bright sampler for my eldest daughter. Something to cheer up her room. And, it takes me almost 4 months to finished it...phewww...it really satisfied me as what i could remember, i never have a finished stitch. Whenever i start a new project, all will hang up half way. So, this Star Light Star Bright sampler, im proud of myself...hahaha.

House, Garage & Shed

I saw the sampler, House, Garage & Shed in the Cross Stitcher magazine. And, I told myself, why dont give it a try. The design is simple, not that small nor that big, so I decided to stitch this sampler. I cant believe that I can finished stitching this sampler in few weeks time. Well, for me, its an achievement. And this encourage me to do a lot more stitching project.

I use DMC floss and 11 ct Aida white fabric.
See you then in the next project.

Floss Box Organizer

Before I get started with my project, the first thing I would like to do is, organize all my threads. So, I bought this floss box organizer with 2 bobbins. Haha...I dont think 2 bobbins is enough for all my threads. Nvm, will start bit by bit.

And, I also bought the baby sampler, Born This Day, as a motivation:)

First Entry

I love cross stitch and I enjoy stitching so much. It is a relaxing and fun activity. I have been stitching since my school day times, but I have no idea where all those sampler gone or the worst, I did not even finished a sampler hahaha...but I still remember buying alll those big size sampler, more to floral sampler at that time....:)

And, after years of hibernation, I've decided to start back my stitching. And this is my first stitch when I started back stitching last year. I stitch the word Happy Birthday and make a handmade card using the finished stitch. Well, its just a beginning but its encourage me to stitch more and more....

Till then, see you ppl in the next entry:)